Theaters in Dresden

Dresden's National Theatre under the artistic direction of Holk Freytag invites the audience every evening into the theatre in the heart of Dresden's old city (Schauspielhaus) and the small theatre (Kleines Haus) in the new part of the city.

Many plays have proved themselves to be long-standing successes: Klaus Mann's »Mephisto«, Shakespeare's »Twelfth night« and, of course, both parts of Goethe's »Faust« influence the programme of the theatre situated at the Zwinger.

In the small theatre (Kleines Haus) contemporary works such as Tennessee Williams' »The Glas Menagerie« attract predominantly young visitors.

The restaurant in Schauspielhaus with its Saxon-Bohemian cuisine and the wines of the region together with the bistro/restaurant »Kohlhaas« in the Kleines Haus with its light Mediterranean cuisine can be highly recommended.