In only few minutes…

Again developed Frauenkirche the heart of Dresden. A landmark from sandstone. By George Bähr in the time of 1726 to 1734 delighted, end of the Second World War destroyed and on 30 October 2005 again inaugurated… reach you in 12min. Footpath of the vacation home!

Old part of town - panorama
“Canaletto view” of the old part of town. One of the most well-known pictures of the venetian painter Bernardo Belletto (called Canaletto), shows the baroque Dresdens city silhouette. In the background: the academy of arts, Frauenkirche, the lock, the yard church and the Semperoper… reach you in 10min. Footpath of the vacation home!

Golden rider
August the strong one in gold calm. The survive-large rider still on the Neustädter market was established 1736. It shows August in Roman armament toward its kingdom Poland riding… reach you in 11min. Footpath of the vacation home!

Crown gate Dresdens of the kennel
Desire lock in the middle the city. By Pöppelmann and Permoser builds 1709 to 1732 as venue of tournaments and courtly desire barnesses. Contained today: the picture gallery old person master, the preparation chamber, the porcelain collection, the museum for mineralogy and geology as well as the mathematical-physical salon… reach you in 15min. Footpath of the vacation home!

Prince course
1000-years history of the regents of the house Wettin in porcelain. The prince course was rule ago manufactured 1872 to 1876 by Wilhelm and 1906 to 25.000 porcelain tiles transferred. It is considered as the largest porcelain picture of the world… reach you in 10min. Footpath of the Fereinwohnung!

Pound of dairy
The most beautiful milk shop of the world. End of the 19. Century came the farmer Paul Pfund with its wife and six cows to Dresden, in order to supply the city with milk. 1880 it created the Dresdens dairy of brothers Pound, in the course of the years to a successful, world-wide exporting enterprise developed… reach you in 5min. Footpath of the vacation home.