Active recovery

In close proximity to the accomodations (approx. 7 minutes by car), you can wander through the „Dresdner Heide“ which offers tracks varying in lenghth and steepness. A large number of different signposted tracks offer walking possibilities for every demand.

The already mentioned „Dresdner Heide“ and the mountains close to the Czech border (getting there by car is recommended) offer excellent biking tracks for every category of biking needs. Highly recommendable is a trip from Schmilka across the Czech border.

The „Great Garden“, the central park of Dresden is a famous meeting point for people interested in inline-skating. An asphalted trace of six meters width offers attractive and secure riding in the greens of the park. The “Great Garden” can be reached within six minutes by car. During summer, night skating is offered every Friday evening, where special routes through Dresden can be accessed exclusively by inline skating.

Upstream of the river Elbe, numerous coat rentals offer canoes with which you can paddle downstream. You will be picked up and returned by bus.

Within three minutes of walking distance, you will reach the next fitness studio and the „Nordbad“ which offers swimming pool and sauna.

You will reach the river Elbe within more than 10 walking minutes from the apartment. Far away from the city traffic, you can do jogging at the shore of the Elbe until to the “Blaues Wunder”. There, you can cross the Elbe and walk back on the other side. This track is approx. 11 km long.