It`s jazz time

The international Dixieland festival takes place since 1971 absolutely continuously in the Saxonian state capital Dresden.

The largest traditional old time jazz festival of Europe and one the most important at all, drew many millions visitors since its establishment with its originality, versatility and outstanding quality world-wide into its spell. In the year 1978 John Evers, boss „of the Blue note Seven explained “from Vienna, with a meeting the volume involved Dresden as the ultimative „capital of the Dixieland “.

The dynamic conception of the festival paired with traditional meeting elements, the high musical requirements, that variety and the folk festival character fascinate already since long time year by year musicians world-wide considerable up to 350 and approximately 500,000 enthusiastic visitors out near and far.

The overture of the international Dixieland festival forms „Dixieland in family", for one „animal pleasures “in the zoo Dresden. The official starting signal then traditionally the premiere of a new consequence sets of „with triangle and rattling wood “, for the spectacular Dixieland ABC for the youngest visitors.

Beside innumerable small Events in clubs, bar and hotels among other things meetings have like „Dixie on the campus “TU Dresden, the large „DIXIE night “and „the jazz volume ball “in the cultural palace Dresden as well as „Blues, Boogie & Swing “a firm place in the program. With one „welcome on board “starts traditionally on the Elbe one of the annual high points, „the Riverboat Shuffle “with the largest and oldest wheel steamer fleet of the world.

On second May Saturday then „the Dresdens inspire DIXIE town center “at all roads and places between main station and old market of hundredthousands visitors. Visited meeting takes a permanent place „life artists “in the nursing facility „Altleuben 10 “in Dresden for many years the free, coined/shaped of heart warmth, the far beyond national borders admitted and.

On concluding Sunday many thousand visitors experience again a cross section lasting several hours by sounding and swingende Dixieland days with „the open air jazz “in the free light stage large garden. The final of the international Dixieland festival Dresden forms the large Dixieland parade in the middle by the heart of the world-famous baroque ensemble of the Elbmetropole with following furioser conclusion session.